Sam Hunt Takes 'Trip Down Memory Lane' With His Latest Single

Photo: The Dwyers

Sam Hunt reminisces on days when “life was easy” in his latest summer anthem. Hunt debuted “Water Under The Bridge” on Thursday (June 23), a single he wrote with Chris LaCorte, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne to serve as “a fun, fast paced trip down memory lane with lyrics and melody reflecting the carefree days of youth,” reads a press release announcing Hunt’s latest release.

“It’s a song that is literally about ‘Water Under The Bridge’ but it’s really about that little place that most small towns have,” Hunt said in a statement. “In my case, it was a little hangout spot down by the river up under an old backroad, and we used to gather up there – folks have been gathering up there long before we came along and I’m sure still gathering up there now – but on Friday and Saturday night go out there to have a good time, let our hair down a little bit, get into a little bit of trouble. We made a lot of memories out there.”

Hunt sings on the new track:

“That muddy river, it was rollin’/ We didn’t care where it was goin’/ We had it made, we didn’t know it/ We were young, dumb, and so full of it. Broken bottles and graffiti, beer and girls and poppin’ wheelies/ Love was fun and life was easy/ Now it’s just water under the bridge.”

“Water Under The Bridge” marks Hunt’s latest single since his hit song “23,” another nostalgic song that reflects on an old flame after moving on to other stages of life. His latest album, SOUTHSIDE, released in 2020, packed with fan-favorites like “Hard To Forget,” “Kinfolks,” “Body Like A Back Road,” “Downtown’s Dead,” “Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90’s” and others. Hunt’s debut full-length album was Montevallo, with hits like “Take Your Time,” “Leave The Night On,” “House Party,” “Break UP In A Small Town” and “Make You Miss Me.” Listen to the country hitmaker’s latest single here: