Luke Bryan Caught A Massive Bass & His Reaction Is Everything

Photo: Getty Images

Luke Bryan is celebrating an epic catch, and his reaction is everything. Bryan shared on his social media channels on Thursday (June 2) that “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment.” Many years — and many fish — later, Bryan finally caught a “10-pounder.”

In fact, he exceeded his goal with an 11.6-pound catch.

“She’s big. Alright, get ready,” Bryan said in the video after an enthusiastic cheer. “I’ve been trying to catch my 10-pounder my whole life, and I just caught an 11.6.” The “Down To One” singer was so excited about the catch that he kissed the massive bass after pulling it out of the water.

Other country artists were quick to congratulate Bryan in the comments of his Instagram post. “Heck yeah!” Dustin Lynch exclaimed. “That a boyyyyyyy,” Jake Owen chimed in. Fans commented, “nice catch,” and even asked “when’s dinner?’” Check out Bryan’s ecstatic video here:

Bryan has often talked — and sang — about his life as a “Georgia boy,” including fishing and other ways of country life. One of his latest singles, “Up,” is one that Bryan recently said “truly embodies small town life. …Just that phrase ‘Up,’ and how the songwriters were able to make that a whole song (that) touches on every aspect of how I grew up. …You know, some songs, when you hear ‘em, you’re like, ‘that one is tailor-made for me to sing,’ and that song is definitely that.”