Tyler Hubbard Makes An Unexpected Confession About His Solo Work

Photo: Getty Images

Tyler Hubbard’s latest single is the foundation for the rest of his solo work — and he has a confession about it. Hubbard released “5 Foot 9” earlier this month, and the upbeat country track is one that had his wife, Hayley, crying “happy tears” that day. But he and his co-writers realized that one detail in the lyrics was slightly off…

“Well, I got to be honest. I have a confession. I missed it by about an inch. She’s actually 5’10”,” Hubbard said in a statement shared by his record label. “I went home that night and said, ‘Babe, remind me again how tall you are exactly. You’re about 5’9”, right?’ She said, ‘Yeah, I’m 5’10”.’ And I thought, ‘Well, here’s a new song I wrote today. I’m sorry I cut you short by an inch, but I hope you like it.”

Hubbard recorded 18 tracks for his upcoming project, which includes “5 Foot 9.” Hubbard continued:

“That song is just a prime example of a great day in the writing room. I was writing it with Jaren Johnston and Chase McGill, great incredible guys and great writers, and a song that just sorta continued to make it to the top of the pile; one of 18 that I recorded, and I I love all of the songs just about equally, which made it very difficult. They all have a different purpose and a different feel, and it’s all a little piece of who I am and tells my story. But I think ‘5 Foot 9’ was a good launchpad and a good foundation for the rest of this music and what’s to come, and my story and where I’m at. And for me, it seemed appropriate. Something about this song felt nostalgic and familiar, but also very simple in the fact that it just reminds me to appreciate the little things in life and things that we, and myself especially, maybe take for granted at times. You know, all the things that I mentioned in the verses and then obviously just getting to sing about the good stuff in life and where I’m at right now and looking around and seeing yeah, my wife, but also my kids and my family, just the life that we’re living right now. We’re really in a sweet spot, and I’m reminded of where that comes from, so I’m hoping this song will do that for the fans.”

Listen to it here: