Kelsea Ballerini Shares Her Morning Routine In 'Get Ready With Me' TikTok

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini is showing her TikTok followers what a “day in the life” is like as she gets ready to debut her next studio album. Ballerini invited fans to “get ready with me” as she headed into the studio on the last day of making her new record, starting with her skin care routine and a cup of coffee (“a lot of coffee” — the mug she’s holding in her TikTok “was not my first cup”). Choosing an outfit she felt confident in, Ballerini selected one with a vibe that’s “giving ‘country,’ it’s giving ‘girly,’ it’s giving comfortable shoes. Footwear is key.””

Ballerini kisses Boy No. 1 and Boy No. 2 goodbye — that’s her dog, Dibs, and her husband, fellow country artist Morgan Evans, respectively — and drives off to the studio where “we’re jamming. It’s a bop… This whole record feels very sunny and 90s and nostalgic.” See what the last day in the studio was like for Ballerini here:

Ballerini released her latest single, “HEARTFIRST,” last month after dropping hints about new music on the way. Listeners quickly became “obsessed” with the upbeat, breezy song that reminded many of 90s country.

“I chose ‘HEARTFIRST’ as the first single off the new project because I feel like it just sets the tone for everything I’m working on right now,” Ballerini said at the time. “It’s very warm, very breezy-feeling, very settled. That’s kind of the tone of the whole project that I’m working on, and I feel like ‘HEARTFIRST’ was the first step into that new world.”

Listen to “HEARTFIRST” again here: