Lainey Wilson Proves She Has A 'Heart Like A Truck' — And It's Unstoppable

Photo: Nick Rau

The set of Lainey Wilson’s new music video brought on a mixture of comforting familiarity and uncharted territory. “Heart Like A Truck” tells the story of “a newbie, underdog horse trainer that struggles to gain the acceptance of her peers,” according to a press release announcing Wilson’s new song.

The reigning iHeartRadio Music Awards Best New Country Artist put her acting skills to the test, and she “felt right at home” as a lifelong horseback rider. Wilson filmed the video at a historic farm in in Franklin, Tennessee, under the direction of Elizabeth Olmstead — one of many women who powered the video.

“I learned to ride horses before I learned to walk so, I felt right at home on set but I’ll admit, I was a little nervous to really do character acting for the first time—it ended up being such a creatively fulfilling and thrilling experience,” Wilson said. “… (Olmstead) really wowed me on this one. It was also really cool that it ended up being a whole team of bada** women in charge of bringing this thing to life. It ain’t every day that you walk on a set and have a female director, executive producer, director of photography, etc. so them all being able to relate to the protagonist made me feel like there was an extra level of care, it was really special.”

Wilson — who recently performed at the iHeartCountry Festival and introduced surprise guest Dierks Bentley to the stage — previously explained that the song is “about movin’ forward… This is a song that is just one of those powerful anthem songs that people need to hear. I think we all got a heart like a truck.” After posting a few teasers, Wilson finally debuted “Heart Like A Truck” on Friday (May 20).

“These past few months have been such a whirlwind, but man, it was quite the journey to get here. Miley (Cyrus) wasn’t playing when she said, ‘it’s about the climb,’ because it really is what builds character and teaches you the most about yourself,” Wilson said in a statement. “‘Heart Like A Truck’ is all about self-discovery, growth and embracing scars as badges of honor. After all, a truck that has hit a few bumps and earned some scratches has proved itself and its tenacity—the shiny one on the lot can’t say that.

“I’ve been through some s***. We all have. But when you get through it, you’re stronger and better for it on the other side,” Wilson added on Friday. “Nothing can hold me back from moving forward and finding a way to enjoy life, no matter what. I hope this song reminds y’all of that.”

Watch the “Heart Like A Truck” music video here: