Here's Why Walker Hayes Says Success Is 'Not Amazing'

Photo: Getty Images

Most people undoubtedly know country star Walker Hayes for catchy, smash-hit songs like “Fancy Like” and “AA.” Hayes also proved he can write in other ways when he teamed up with author Craig Allen Cooper, who also happens to be his next-door neighbor, to write a book. Hayes and Cooper chatted about their latest project, Glad You're Here, on the latest episode of 4 Things with Amy Brown:

“Walker Hayes and Craig Allen Cooper join ‘4 Things’ this week to chat with Amy about their new book: ‘Glad You’re Here.’ Walker talks about being an alcoholic atheist when he first met Craig, and how the things he's experienced over the last few years have completely changed his life. The unlikely friends and next-door neighbors turned BFFs, Walker and Craig, are now telling their amazing story to the world in their new book and we are here for it! This is such a fun episode...full of ALL THE FEELS and we hope you love it...especially the sing-a-long at the end!”

On the episode, Hayes talks about being an alcoholic atheist when he first met Cooper, and how the lessons he experienced over the next few years changed his life. The unlikely friends and next-door neighbors have previously shared a little about their relationship with Hayes' song, “Craig.” Hayes also explained to Brown that his writing process stems from people or things that “blow his mind,” including Craig. Hayes explained he's not good at being serious or thanking people, so he did so with the song. Paraphrasing his lyrics, Hayes said: “This dude can’t walk on water, but he legit might know someone who does.”

In the interview, Brown pointed out that Hayes has had some major life changes he had to make in his personal life to get to the place where he is now, including his decision to give up drinking. Brown continued, “and once you broke free from some of that, and entered into this new space…look at how things have just started to unfold and evolve (it’s taken time) but wow look where you are now.”

Hayes replied: “I mean honestly success is not’s not amazing. I want all listeners to know that circumstance in my life…it’s not meaningless…but I think the reason I’m succeeding, or God has shown favor on my career is just so I can share this story. The stadiums are awesome, but I look forward every night to singing ‘Craig.’”