Tim McGraw Reunites With Onscreen '1883' Son During His Atlanta Concert

Photo: Getty Images

Tim McGraw welcomed a special guest to the stage during a recent show in Atlanta, GeorgiaAudie Rick attended McGraw’s recent concert with his mom, Patty. It was a heartwarming reunion for McGraw and Audie, who played father and son on the hit series 1883. McGraw played James Dutton on the show, which serves as a prequel to Yellowstone, and Audie played John Dutton Sr. The show “follows the Dutton family on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of uncolonised America,” its synopsis reads on IMDb. McGraw’s wife, fellow country superstar Faith HIll, also played his onscreen wife on the show and Audie’s onscreen mom, Margaret Dutton.

McGraw shared a video reflecting on the sweet reunion on his social media channels on Tuesday (May 17), a few days after the concert. The “7500 OBO” artist said Audie is “just the cutest, sweetest kid in the world.” Audie brought McGraw’s guitar to him on stage that night — though, McGraw said, the guitar was bigger than Audie was — and Audie “was just cool as a cucumber.”

“Tim, thank you for letting me give you your guitar,” Audie said in a recorded message to McGraw. “That was a great show! Thank you!”

McGraw added: “It was a big night for him, it was a big night for me, and I think the crowd loved it.” Watch it here: