Brett Eldredge Gets Candid About Mental Health On 'POWERFUL' Podcast

Photo: Getty Images

Brett Eldredge joined Ed Mylett on a new episode of the speaker, author and entrepreneur’s podcast, getting candid about mental health. Particularly, Eldredge recommends the podcast episode to any listeners who have ever “struggled with anxiety, self doubt, learning disabilities (I’m Dyslexic), panic attacks, or just finding your drive and purpose,” the country star said, sharing a clip of his conversation with Mylett. Eldredge said the podcast episode, which debuted Tuesday (May 17), “is POWERFUL.”

The Ed Mylett Show “showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries in one place, sharing their journey, knowledge and thought leadership,” its description reads. “With Ed Mylett and featured guests in almost every industry including business, health, collegiate and professional sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment, you'll find motivation, inspiration and practical steps to help you become the best version of you!”

Mylett noted that he’s “honored to release a truly life changing conversation” with Eldredge via this week’s episode. He promised a conversation that goes “incredibly deep” when it comes to “mental health, anxiety, imposter syndrome and so many other things that I know many of us struggle with. As a bonus, we discuss his peak performance strategies as well.” Listen to the podcast episode here:

Mylett also highlighted Eldredge’s courage and vulnerability in the interview, saying, “Brett had the courage in this interview to be as open as anybody who has ever been on my show. I know his strategies will help you and his vulnerability will inspire you. …Despite his battles, Brett has maintained an even-tempered approach to his career. He is a role model for people trying to break into the business and wraps up our talk with some GREAT ADVICE FOR CHASING YOUR DREAMS, whether you want to be a country music superstar or anything else you want to pursue in life.”

Eldredge shared a brief clip of his conversation with Mylett on his social media channels on Tuesday. When asked about his thoughts about his own quote, pertaining to the importance of connecting with others, Eldredge said:

“Think about some of the most random conversations you’ve had in tough points in your life, the little things that just turned your day around, just a little bit. I’ve had some people pull me out of a tough place in my life that are complete strangers. They had no idea…and I think showing up for that connection, and there’s been times in my life where I — it’s a lot easier to stay in that zone of, ‘Hey, I can stay in this little box all the time and not go out and connect, and not reach out for help, and reach out to help.’ Reaching out to help is just as important as reaching out for help as well, ‘cause you know what it feels like to need that help.”

“Lives are changing right now over this conversation my brother… Thank you again for being so open and vulnerable and then teaching us all the tools that you have to live a better life… I’m incredibly grateful,” Mylett commented on Eldredge’s post.

Eldredge has previously opened up about his experiences with anxiety, including by sharing a song, and sharing a poem he wrote with a heartfelt message to others who might experience the same thing. Watch the clip from Mylett’s podcast here: