Elle King & Dierks Bentley Reveal When Their Latest Collaboration Will Drop

Photo: Getty Images

Dierks Bentley and Elle King teamed up on another song, which they debuted during a live performance at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville earlier this year. Now, the two artists are getting ready to release their latest collaboration in a few days.

King started drumming up anticipation when she wrote in a tweet: “Hey [Dierks Bentley]… wanna release a song this Friday?? #WorthAShot.” Bentley kept the excitement going when he replied: “Hey Elle… I’m down, let’s do it..!” See the tweets that have fans eager for the new song below. “Worth A Shot” is set to release Friday (May 13).

Bentley and King unforgettably joined forces in 2016 on the track “Different For Girls,” reflecting on the different ways men and women deal with the aftermath of a breakup: “It's different for girls when their hearts get broke/ They can't tape it back together with a whiskey and Coke/ They don't take someone home and act like it's nothing/ They can't just switch it off every time they feel something/ A guy gets drunk with his friends and he might hook up/ Fast forward through the pain, pushing back when the tears come on/ But it's different for girls.” Watch the music video again here: