Darius Rucker Wonders Whether The Next Round Of Beers Will Solve Problems

Photo: Getty Images

Darius Rucker’s latest anthem is an upbeat single that’ll make you want to turn up the volume as you drive with the windows down during the summer. Rucker explained in a video he shared on social media: “It’s a song just about how if we get together and have a beer and talk about our problems we can probably solve everything that’s going on in the world.”

“Same Beer Different Problem” released on Friday (April 29), and the hit making country artist sings on the perfect summer playlist song: “It’s the same beer, different problem/ Maybe this next round will solve ‘em/ Maybe the answer’s down at the bottom/ Of a cool libation and some friendly conversation/ Tonight with some brand new friends/ Ain’t no doubt we can figure it out again/ Raise ‘em up if you got ‘em/ Same beer, different problem”

The new single adds to Rucker’s previously-set vibes as “Beers And Sunshine” and upbeat songs that his longtime fans know and love. Rucker said of “Beers And Sunshine” when it released: “…I don’t know how we fix any of these big, real issues that we’re facing, but while we work through this time, I think it’s important that we find the silver lining where we can really enjoy the little moments and the simple joys of time spent together with friends and family.”

Listen to his latest song here: