How Jimmie Allen Says His Grandmother Inspired His Work

Photo: Getty Images

Jimmie Allen has a new album coming out, and the “Freedom Was A Highway” singer explained that his grandmother inspired the title of the project. Tulip Drive is named after the street Allen’s grandmother lived on in the family’s home state of Delaware. It’s set to debut in June. Allen — who recently teased a collaboration with “My Girl” singer Dylan Scott — shared on his social media channels on Wednesday afternoon (April 27):

“My New album ‘Tulip Drive’ comes out June 24th. Tulip Drive is the street my grandmom lived on in Delaware. This is the first where I chose to write songs about my own personal experiences, thoughts and hopes. Hope y’all enjoy it.”

See Allen’s album announcement here:

Allen has previously shared personal music that has resonated with his fans. Earlier this month, he shared a video playing “Untitled Song,” opening up about his struggles with mental health. The song aimed to serve as a message to others: “…remember you’re not alone and it’s ok to say you’re not ok.”

The award-winning country artist also hoped “Down Home” could help others. The heartfelt song was written as a tribute to his late father, Jameswho died in 2019. It’s “probably one of the most special songs I’ve ever written. …I hope this song finds its place in the world and this song helps people that have lost not only a father, or a parent, or a loved one just like the song has helped me.”