Lee Brice Calls Out 'Totally Bogus' Fake Accounts On Social Media

Photo: Getty Images

“The real Lee Brice” is taking to his social media channels to address an apparent rise in fake accounts claiming to be the “Memory I Don’t Mess With” singer. Brice posted a video explaining that social media users have reported people apparently pretending to be him, “saying things like, ‘can you help me,’ or, ‘can you send me money,’ or, ‘can we meet somewhere’,” and other “crazy stuff.”

“Listen, I’ve got one account over all of my social media, and it will have a blue check mark. That’s it,” Brice said as he set the record straight on Monday (April 25). “I’m most likely not gonna just reach out to you in the first place. I love to respond to everybody, if you’re speaking to me or hanging out. But... if it doesn’t have a blue check mark, no, it’s not me. And if it says anything weird like, ‘hey, I’m trying to keep something from my manager’ …that’s totally bogus and somebody’s trying to scam you, and we don’t want that at all.”

Brice also noted that other artists “are in the same boat” and encouraged fans to “keep their eyes peeled” on social media. Watch Brice’s message here: