Jordan Davis Reveals The 3 Things That Inspired 'Buy Dirt'

Photo: Getty Images

Country fans undoubtedly know Jordan Davis by his hit songs “Slow Dance In A Parking Lot,” “Singles You Up,” and others. His latest is the smash Luke Bryan collaboration “Buy Dirt.” Davis recently caught up with iHeartCountry and delved into his inspiration behind the hit song. Davis explained that “Buy Dirt” is about three things: faith, family and friends. It was written by Davis and his brother, plus another set of brothers. That bond made it a special song for everyone.

“I say that song was about my faith, about my family and about my friends. I wrote it with my brother and another set of brothers that are two of our best friends,” Davis said. “So, it’s just kind of — I don’t think that song gets written if it’s not with three guys that I dearly love, about three things that are the most important things in my life. So, it’s kind of all that tied into one.” Watch Davis explain the meaning behind the song here:

Davis and Bryan reflect on the most sentimental moments in life as they sing: “Buy dirt/ Find the one you can't live without/ Get a ring, let your knee hit the ground/ Do what you love but call it work/ And throw a little money in the plate at church/ Send your prayers up and your roots down deep/ Add a few limbs to your family tree/ And watch their pencil marks/ And the grass in the yard all grow up/ 'Cause the truth about it is/ It all goes by real quick/ You can't buy happiness/ But you can buy dirt”

Watch the music video here: