Here's How Miranda Lambert's New Song 'Sets The Tone' For Her Entire Album

Photo: Adrianna Casiano for iHeartRadio

Miranda Lambert released another track on her upcoming album Palomino, and the must-listen song will fire up your urge to travel. “Actin’ Up” is out now, and it’s the first song on Palomino that “sets the tone” for the entire album, Lambert said. She dished at an exclusive iHeartCountry LIVE show at her Nashville bar this week that her upcoming project is one that tells stories from coast to coast, aiming to inspire listeners to “get in your car and drive. If you have a gypsy spirit, just go do it.”

“Actin’ Up” is a wanderlust anthem that sees the singer stirring with big plans: “I want a sunset ride/ A velvet rodeo/ A Colorado high/ A California glow/ I want to see the desert/ From a painted palomino/ Senorita need to have a little fun/ I’m actin’ up/ I’m actin’ up”

One of the lines in Lambert’s latest song inspired the name of her upcoming Las Vegas residency, Velvet Rodeo. “I feel like I’ve built a career on being feminine and still keeping a bada** edge, and I think that’s important and I felt like Velvet Rodeo would encompass that,” she told iHeartCountry LIVE show host Amy Brown while on stage at Casa Rosa. Lambert added that Velvet Rodeo “felt like my catalog as a whole, and it’s a line in the new song and it just felt very Vegas to me.” Listen to the whole song here: