Watch Kenny Chesney Let Newlyweds Crash His Music Video For Wedding Pics

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Kenny Chesney gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at his latest music video, and it included an unexpected, special moment with newlyweds. Chesney took to Point Dume in Malibu to perform “Everyone She Knows” in the scenic video, and that’s where a bride and groom crashed the set.

Shaun Silva, who directed the music video, explained that as the team had a drone in the air and was “getting this great shot,” they heard Chesney call back to them, “The camera! The camera! The camera!” Silva recalled that at first, he thought someone was taking pictures of the music video shoot. But the “Here And Now” singer was alerting him to the newlywed couple that had arrived wanting to take their wedding pictures at the majestic oceanside spot at sunset. 

Silva explained that although they had the site closed off, Chesney said, “let them come out here and take their pictures.”

“We got the shot, we got what we needed for the video, but I thought that was awfully nice of you to do that,” Silva told Chesney in the behind-the-scenes look. He added, “(Chesney) wants them to be able to have this sunset moment. It’s pretty cool.”

Chesney modestly responded: “Well, they were sitting there staring at me and that beautiful sunset… I was in their sunset.” See that moment in Chesney’s behind-the-scenes video here:

Chesney previously shared another behind-the-scenes look at the making of the “Everyone She Knows” music video. Watch the first part here.

“Everyone She Knows” is the most recent single to release from Chesney’s 16-track Here And Now album. It’s one that Chesney dedicated to women who “are their own compass,” previously explaining that sometimes an unconventional path is the best one: “Nothing is more powerful or interesting than a woman who has a sense of her destiny and is willing to go chase it. It’s not always conventional, but that’s what makes her passion so much stronger. Whether it’s my island friends, musicians like [Grace Potter], several women on my team, or any of you, No Shoes Nation… some women have a way of embracing life that’s unlike anyone else. And I think that’s awesome.”

Watch the full music video here:

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