Hannah Ellis Releases Love Song She Envisioned Shortly After Her Wedding

Photo: Getty Images

Shortly after her own wedding, Hannah Ellis envisioned “Us” as a wedding song. She considered “the heart behind the lyrics and wanted to showcase them in a new way,” she shared on social media, announcing that she released the sentimental song on Friday (April 1). Ellis sings in the love song:

“Like starry skies and fireflies will always be summer / Like amen and church, can't have one without the other / Like dive bars and smoke / Yeah, everybody knows / Like long nights and sunrise will always mean memories / New Years and Champagne will mean one too many / Like dirt roads and dust
“You and me will always be us / Like comin' home headlights always means your truck / Like leanin' in's always gonna be / My red wine lips mixed with your whiskey kiss Friday nights / Like your right hand's always gonna be in mine / Some things just fit perfectly / Like an old t-shirt and Levi jeans / You and me will always be us”

On Valentine’s Day, Ellis shared a heartwarming video of the acoustic version of the song, noting that “some things just fit perfectly.. Like going back to my wedding venue to sing a song about my forever Valentine.” Watch the sweet video here: