Kelsea Ballerini's Mysterious Instagram Pic Has Fans Predicting A New Era

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini shared a new photo on social media on Wednesday (March 30), and the mysterious post has eager fans predicting a new era kicking off soon. Ballerini ramped up the hype with a photo of her partially covered by a shadow, captioned only with a blue heart emoji, the same one she included with a link in her Instagram story to join her fan club. Commenters predicted that the new photo “has to be a single cover or an album cover, regardless I’m losing my mind I’m so excited.” Others chimed in, calling that “KB4 is coming” and saying they “SENSE AN ERA CHANGE,” noting a switch from a white heart to a blue one. Another wrote “ahhhhh new profile pic new era ITS HAPPENING EVERYONE STAY CALM.”

The cryptic post isn’t the first time Ballerini has seemingly hinted at a new project on the horizon. Earlier this month, the “half of my hometown” singer shared a “GORGEOUS” photo, showing off her abs in a stunning pantsuit. In her caption, she noted her dog’s paw that had crept into the corner of the photo: “dibs paw symbolizes the proximity of new music and the suit symbolizes that i still wanna be serena vanderwoodsen happy tuesday 🤍”

In February, Ballerini also appeared to drop a hint when she said she was “all song’d out.” One day earlier, she casually confirmed in a TikTok that she “just got home from a trip where I finished writing my next album.”

Though her latest post doesn’t give away too many details, fans still can’t help but wonder what it means. See Ballerini’s latest post here: