Brett Young Shares The Sweetest Reasons He Was 'Supposed To Be A Girl Dad'

Photo: Getty Images

Brett Young always thought he’d have sons, as he reflected on his relationship with his own father growing up. But now, the country artist can’t imagine his life without his girls. Young and his wife, Taylor Mills Young, have two young daughters.

The proud parents welcomed their first daughter, Presley Elizabeth, in October 2019. “We have wanted this for so long and never could we have dreamed of something so beautiful and life-changing,” Young said in a statement to People at the time. “She is perfect and we are forever better because she was given to us.”

Then, Rowan Marie followed in July 2021. “I thought my heart was maxed out. I usually don’t like to be wrong…… I was wrong,” Young said in a sentimental message at the time, adding: “FYI….. the women in your life are super heroes and you’re the luckiest lady alive.”

Although Young said he and his wife previously talked about having both a boy and a girl, he feels that he’s “supposed to be a girl dad.” He explained in a heartfelt statement recently shared by his record label:

“I had such a good relationship with my dad – the father/son thing, the sports thing – I always thought that I wanted boys. And I immediately changed my mind when we had Presley. And then there was a lot of conversation about, we’ll just keep going until we at least have one of each. But when we had Rowan, it was just confirmation that I was supposed to be a girl dad. I’m in love with it. I don’t feel the need to have a son anymore. I just love the way my relationship is with both of my daughters. It’s different. I mean, it changes you a little bit, but in a lot of good ways. I think I love differently and more deeply than I ever did before, and not just with them, but it opened my capacity to love that way in general with everybody in my life.”