21 Times Country Queens Gave Us The Empowering Anthems We All Need

Photo: Getty Images

Women have been blazing trails in country music for decades.

Though their paths might not have always been easy, tons of the genre's female artists have released iconic anthems over the years that were made for lifting up others (for example, when Queen of Me star Shania Twain says “let’s go, girls,” to kick off “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!,” girls better be ready to go). Some of these powerful songs aim to build women up. Others applaud decisions to move on from a toxic relationship. Some of the most legendary hits made a strong statement, while other popular songs are easy to crank the volume up to have a good time on a girl’s night out.

There are artists who have become known for their influence as strong women who sing confident lyrics, including Maren Morris, whose songs are packed with lyrics that’ll make you feel like a girl boss: “Feel like a hard-to-get starlet when I'm driving/ Turning every head hell I ain't even trying/ Got them Ray-Ban shades pretty in pink/ Call me old school but hey/ I’m a 90's baby/ In my 80's Mercedes.”

“Dolly is not only my idol because of her incomparable career—she’s also my role model because of her steadfast morals and values. …Now she’s known as a saintly, even godlike, figure,” Miley Cyrus wrote after the legendary Dolly Parton was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people of 2021. Cyrus continued later, “…she’s even better than your sparkliest dreams. She may be my fairy godmother, but I think she’s that to everyone else too. I am happy to share her with the world.”

Whichever vibe you’re going for, female country artists have probably released an empowering anthem that will resonate with you. Here are 21 of the best songs by some of the best women in country music — which one is your favorite?

Man! I Feel Like A Woman,” by Shania Twain

Girl,” by Maren Morris

9 to 5,” by Dolly Parton

The Champion,” by Carrie Underwood

Like A Lady,” by Lady A