Kane Brown's Music Video Was So Fiery That Emergency Crews Showed Up On Set

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Photo: Getty Images

Kane Brown filmed one of his latest music videos during the early morning hours, wrapping up around 6 a.m. The “One Mississippi” video premiered in August, and fans still can’t get enough of the song — so, Brown released a new “behind the scenes” video packed with fun facts from filming.

Ross Butler — well-known from his roles in Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why and more — starred in the video alongside Sophia, a woman named Magnolia in the video as a nod to Mississippi’s state flower. Butler, Brown and the rest of the crew filmed the “One Mississippi” music video in just two nights. The first night was the day before the fair opened, and on the second night, everyone had to wait for fair-goers to leave so they could re-set and resume filming. Brown filmed during the first night, and Butler shot his scenes during the second, beginning his scenes close to 3 a.m.

Butler is known for his scenes on a surprisingly-fast Ferris wheel, and showing off his pool-playing skills at Jimmy’s Sports Bar & Grill. Between billiards games, the bar also served as the setting of a karaoke night (using a machine that “was definitely turned on for these takes”), and drinking cookie dough-flavored whiskey, which is served in a label that features a dog that looks similar to Brown’s dog, Rambo.

Although viewers might recognize the video for its iconic “One Mississippi” sign in lights — which was custom made and took “a few hours” to set up both nights — one of the biggest, eye-catching details is the fire. One of the captions on the behind-the-scenes video reads: “We had amazing pyro technicians on set who have worked with huge live shows creating pyro moments — including AC/DC!”

The crew also noted that Brown was glad he cut the sleeves off of his vintage t-shirt because of the fire scenes, which were so big that a fire truck arrived while Butler was filming “to check in on us.” Check out the behind-the-scenes facts here: