Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen Hilariously Rock Out To Shania Twain In Super Bowl Ad

Photo: Getty Images

There’s nothing like cranking up the music on a road trip — especially when the playlist includes 90s Shania Twain.

It seems no one knows that better than Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. The two comedic actors teamed up in a new Lay’s commercial for the upcoming Super Bowl LVI, set for Sunday, February 13. The commercial opens with Rudd and Rogen seated and donning suits. “Nervous?” Rudd asks, offering a bag of chips to quell Rogen’s anxieties. The beloved snack “brings back so many good memories,” Rogen said as he crunches into one of the chips. That’s when the duo reflects on some of the best memories throughout their decades-long friendship, including their road trip in 1997.

That’s when the commercial flashes back to Rogen and Rudd driving, eating chips and belting Twain’s “You’re Still The One” at the tops of their lungs. The iconic song released on Twain’s Come On Over album, which she recognized when it turned 24 in November. She thanked fans for “making this the best-selling country music album, and the best-selling studio album by a female act.”

Rogen and Rudd also reflected on their “first real heart-to-heart” — a dramatized, turbulent flight where Rudd admits that he’s never seen any of Rogen’s movies (even the ones they starred in together) — and other significant, chip-sharing moments. It all leads up to the hilarious punchline... Watch them rock out to the classic Shania Twain song here: