'Rock And Roll Cowboy': Jason Aldean Drops Another Song From Upcoming Album

Jason Aldean Launches Three-Night "JASON ALDEAN: RIDE ALL NIGHT VEGAS"

Photo: Getty Images

Jason Aldean is in the midst of rolling out his massive double album, and he just released his next offering that’s included on the second 15-track collection. Aldean announced that “Rock And Roll Cowboy” just dropped as of Friday morning (February 4), preceding Georgia’s release in April:

“Rock and roll cowboy/ How high you gotta fly/ How many miles you gotta ride/ ‘Fore you hang your saddle up/ Rock and roll cowboy/ You got restless in your soul/ If you ain’t out there on that road/ So go on and rock and roll cowboy”

“Rock and Roll Cowboy” is the latest song on the award-winning country artist’s upcoming album. Last month, Aldean released “Trouble With A Heartbreak,” a track that he said “reminded me of those bitter R&B breakup songs that take me back to riding through the backroads of Georgia.”

Aldean is releasing a total of 30 songs on the double album that serves as a nod to his hometown. The first part of the project, Macon, released in November, including the smash duet with Carrie Underwood, “If I Didn’t Love You,” and other hit songs. The second album, Georgia, is due out on April 22. Each album is packed with 10 new songs and five live performances of some of Aldean’s biggest hits throughout his career. Listen to his latest song here: