Here's Why Tyler Hubbard & His Wife Hayley Started Hip Hop Dance Classes

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Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley have a fun, new (or “newish”) hobby!

She and the Florida Georgia Line singer are showing off their moves in hip hop dance classes. Hayley took to Instagram to share a video — set to “SCOOP” by Lil Nas X, featuring Doja Cat — of the couple and a few others in a dance studio. She gushed that: “We have fun, it gets us laughing together, it’s a mental and physical challenge, and it gets us out of our comfort zones!”

But that’s not all… In addition to having a blast, Hayley explained why dancing helped her “overcome a limiting belief.” Before she was married to a country star, Hayley opened up about enduring a “toxic” roller coaster of a relationship that was both mentally and physically abusive for six years. It happened in high school and in parts of college. Hayley continued:

“When I was 17 one of the more mild things he told me was that I couldn’t dance or wear high heels. it sounds almost laughable now, and I now understand he was extremely insecure and wounded to be able to treat me the ways he did, but at the time I couldn’t see that, he’d broken me down so low. It’s sad how that one comment stopped me from dancing for years.
“Tyler and I had been wanting so badly to start hip hop and then our friends Kim and Nini introduced us to one of our most favorite people & dancers ever, Lauren, and she’s been the most encouraging and fun! She came to visit us in Idaho for a couple days and we got such a kick out of the dances we learned and our time together over New Years! (And yes we all somehow showed up wearing the same pants).”

Now, Hayley appears much happier. Over the course of more than a decade, she credits her husband, her friend Kim, and others with encouraging her to “do things like dance and be myself.” She also noted that “our words matter” and :everyone can dance.” She and the “H.O.L.Y.” singer dance “all the time,” including with their friends and with their kids. Hayley closed her post by asking: “Is there a limiting belief that you’ve overcome? How did you do it?”

Hayley is certainly in a happier relationship now, with a man who supports her dancing. Tyler commented on her post: “My baby be moving like [Jennifer Lopez] :)”

Check out Hayley’s and Tyler’s moves here: