Kenny Chesney Says His New Single Is For 'Women Who Are Their Own Compass'

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Kenny Chesney has an upcoming single, and it's dedicated to “so many women who are their own compass.” “Everyone She Knows” is the latest song to be released as a single from Here And Now, the country giant’s 16-track studio album that released last year. Chesney announced on social media on Tuesday (January 23):

“Excited to share that the next single from the #hereandnow album is ‘Everyone She Knows.’ I know so many women who are their own compass... and this song is for them. Wherever you are, however you are, just love the adventure and don’t worry what people think. #everyonesheknows

The song is the latest single from Chesney’s 19th studio album. It follows other fan-favorite singles, including “Knowing You” and the high-energy title track. “There’s a rush of adrenaline when you’re doing one of these sports that’s beyond measure,” Chesney said in a statement when he premiered the “Here And Now” music video, capturing surfing, skydiving, skiing and other activities. “It’s the way it feels for us, waiting for the Kabuki to drop. I wanted to give people a sense of how that feels, that crazy wild sense of being totally alive, because I think that’s what we’re all seeking. I think it’s why No Shoes Nation is so loud, so proud, so in the moment every time they take over a parking lot or throw all that energy back to us.”

Chesney switches gears on other tracks like “Knowing You,” which “the kind of song that can hold anyone. You don’t have to be on a fishing boat freezing to know the pain and gratitude for knowing someone who changed your life,” he said as he reflected on the music video.

Now, “Everyone She Knows” represents women who march to the beat of their own drums. Seemingly, everyone else is getting married and having babies while the subject of the song does her own thing: “She’s bored with all the boys/ And the men are too damn old/ She’s sick of summer love/ But the winter’s just too cold/ She’s a Marilyn in blue jeans/ With a touch of Jackie O/ She’s stuck between 17/ And everyone she knows/ Everyone she knows” Listen to the song here:

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