Carly Pearce Gushing Over Her Favorite 'Cheat' Foods Is Super Relatable

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If Carly Pearce is planning to cheat on her diet, she’s going to do it right. The “Next Girl” singer said that despite sticking to a “caveman” diet most of the time, her favorite guilty pleasure foods are some of the best ones anybody can pick. When asked by her record label what she’d eat if calories didn’t count, Pearce gushed: “Whoa, pizza, Mexican and ice cream. Just any of it. All of it. I don’t even care. I love pizza, Mexican and ice cream.”

Unfortunately, everything — calories, fat and sugar — still counts, so those indulgences will remain few and far between. Pearce explained to Big Machine Label Group that she often sticks to meals that might sound “pretty boring to most people,” according to BMLG. That means opting for “boiled chicken (no spices), steamed broccoli or other vegetables, steamed fish” and other items. She sticks to “eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots, and meat and no processed foods whatsoever.”

Pearce’s latest single is “Never Wanted To Be That Girl,” a powerful heartbreak duet with Ashley McBryde. The song portrays two women involved in the same love triangle with a cheating man, never suspecting they’d end up there. Earlier this month, Pearce and McBryde surprised fans with a new acoustic version of the popular track from Pearce’s latest album, 29: Written in Stone. Listen to the new acoustic version of the song here:

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