TMSG: Town Rallies Around Female Hockey Goalie After Sexist Chants

Pennsylvania Mars Area High School's hockey team has a female goalie that's been dealing with some terrible sexual chants at their games.

Last month, the female goalie left in tears when approximately 50-60 Armstrong High School students at the game spewed terrible phrases at her. The female goalie, that hasn't been named, plays for both the varsity and JV Mars hockey team. But recently, a sold out crowd of over 800 people showed up at her game to cheer her on. Two-time Olympic silver medalist and current goaltending coach for the US women's national team, Brianne McLaughlin-Bittle was one of them and described the atmosphere as "pretty cool."

According to WPXI, so many people attended the game that it had to be relocated to a larger venue. In which the day was saved by the Pittsburgh Penguins, who invited the team to play where the NHL team holds its practices. Fans filled the crowd with celebratory sings that read, "Girls are strong!" and "We belong on the ice!" And in further news associated with the incident, Armstrong students were banned from attending hockey games, and the school's hockey team was placed on probation for the rest of the 2021-22 season, including playoffs.

Photo: Getty Images