What 25 Yr Olds Care About: Build-A-Bear Is Opening Inside Walmarts

Build-A-Bear fans know no limits when it comes to purchasing all the items in the store. It's an exciting time to build your own stuffed animal complete with a kiss & a heart. 

Now, Build-A-Bear is trying to become even more convenient for its fans and parents' of fans. According to USA Today, select Walmart stores now have Build-A-Bear Workshops on their premises. They have done this in six Walmart locations in Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida as part of a test program. If they do well, the hope is the workshops will be at all Walmart locations moving forward. 

These workshops will have the majority of the stuffed animals that are available in standalone Build-A-Bear stores with a wide array of accessories. Also included will be a new line called Condo Cubs, which are smaller versions of bears, cats, rabbits, and dogs. And they start are just $10. 


Photo: Getty Images


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