Mason Ramsey's Surprise for His Friend Will Warm Your Heart


Mason Ramsey may be “Famous” now, but he hasn’t forgotten about the people who mean most to him.

“Yodel Boy” took some time off from his life as a budding country music superstar to visit best friend Menno back home in Illinois. But it was Mason’s surprise for Menno that sent heart emojis flooding his Instagram

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“This is my best friend Menno,” Mason captioned the post. “A few weeks ago we were supposed to go to a baseball game but I had to cancel and go work on music in Nashville. I got to see him today and surprised him with this xbox! Never forget your friends!” 

His reunion with Menno comes after a whirlwind of success for country music’s “Lil’ Hank Williams.”

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Mason has performed for thousands at Stagecoach, Coachella, the Grand Ole Opry and Walmarts all across the country. He most recently made an appearance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards

Mason’s debut single “Famous” is available now.



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