Mitchell Tenpenny Shatters Everything In Powerful Anthem: 'Good And Gone'

Photo: Getty Images

Mitchell Tenpenny doesn’t hold back as he takes a sledgehammer to an old TV and other items in his new breakup anthem from his massive sophomore album. “Good And Gone” dropped on Friday (August 26), marking the latest track Tenpenny unveiled from his highly-anticipated album, This Is The Heavy.

“First, it's whiskey shots, then smoking everything I got/ Next comes punching holes in walls then blaming everything on God/ I’m going off the rails, won't take me very long/ ‘Cause if you're gone for good/ Then I'm getting good and gone”

Tenpenny’s 20-track project is set to release on September 16. It marks his second full-length album, following his debut with Telling All My Secrets in 2018. The singer-songwriter co-wrote each song on the album, and co-produced it with Jordan M. Schmidt. Previously, he released “Always Something With You.”

“I hope the fans are as excited as I am that this music will be out soon,” Tenpenny previously said in a statement. “I spent an enormous amount of time writing during the pandemic and sharing bits and pieces of what I was working on along the way. The fans really showed up for me by giving me feedback on what they were liking. Their direction helped shape this album and stretched me as a songwriter and artist.”

Listen to “Good And Gone” here: