Tim McGraw Shares The Key To Emotional Songs: 'It All Comes From...My Soul'

Photo: Getty Images

Tim McGraw has cranked out country hits for decades, and although some of his best hits are party anthems (like “Down On The Farm,” which released in the 1990s), he’s also produced strong emotional tracks. “Live Like You Were Dying,” “Don’t Take the Girl” and “Humble and Kind” are some of the biggest songs McGraw has released, and he knows how to pick up on the best songs to tug at your heartstrings. McGraw said in a recent statement shared by his record label:

“Everybody find emotions in different ways. I mean, there are a lot of great artists who had great lives growin’ up and they can make you feel anything you wanna feel. They’re fantastic. For me, it all comes from, I guess, a piece of my soul. Every time I sing a song I feel like I’m tearing out a piece of my soul, and I want it to feel that way. I don’t try to over-sing anything because I’m just not that kind of singer. I just try to tell you how I feel.
“And I’ll tell you the most important thing I’ve learned through loving music and listening to the radio a lot is, you can tell somebody how you feel, but when you can tell somebody how they feel, and they didn’t know they felt that way until they heard it in a song or they felt it, I think that’s when there’s something really special. And I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve had some really great songs in my career that have allowed me to find that emotional well.”

McGraw recently relived some of his most iconic music videos, from “Down On The Farm” to “Humble And Kind.” He shared some hilarious reactions and some stories behind his song, revealing that “Humble And Kind” was “one of my favorite songs I’ve ever recorded.” McGraw is gearing up for his upcoming tour, bringing Russell DickersonAlexandra Kay and Brandon Davis along on the road.