Luke Bryan Jokingly Reveals Why Katy Perry Is 'A Little Jealous' Of Him

Photo: Getty Images

Luke Bryan is gearing up for the start of his Las Vegas residency, and the country crooner revealed that his fellow American Idol judge Katy Perry hasn’t been giving him tips amid her own Vegas show.

Bryan said Perry often says things to him to “create more anxiety,” including pressuring him about the size of the venue or the dry Las Vegas air, the “Down To One” singer dished on Good Morning America on Monday morning (February 7). Bryan joked that there’s one key reason Perry “doesn’t help me at all.” It all has to do with Bryan’s bromance with Orlando Bloom.

“She’s really a little jealous because she believes Orlando kinda might have a little man crush on me,” Bryan quipped on the show, laughing along with the hosts. “Orlando came into Nashville and I had all these outdoor activities planned for him. So yeah, me and Orlando, our love is strong.”

Bryan, Perry and Lionel Richie are getting ready for the next season of American Idol, which is set to premiere on February 27. “We’ve got a couple contestants that might be the biggest stars we’ve ever had,” Bryan predicted on Good Morning America.

It’s no surprise that the award-winning country artist would know a star when he hears one. Bryan has celebrated 29 No. 1 hits from his seven studio albums spanning his career, and now, he’s riding the wave of his latest single, “Up.” Bryan debuted a nostalgic music video for the sentimental song last month, showing his reactions to watching home movies. Bryan revealed: “I didn’t get to see that footage until actually the shooting of the video, so I’m kind of watching that in real time, also. It was a really special moment.”

The “Up” singer is getting ready for more special moments as he kicks off his Las Vegas Residency on Friday (February 11). Admitting his history as a Vegas partier, Bryan said his residency will keep him diligent — but when friends and family come to visit, “they’re gonna wanna reset the party.” One of the first partiers to join the country superstar is LeClaire Bryan, his mother. Bryan said he fully expects “my credit card will be in flames” when LeClaire indulges in shopping trips. The country star already confirmed: “You better believe Momma’s coming to Vegas!” Bryan is spending the week prepping for the high-energy show:

“The thing about Las Vegas is, everybody’s here to have a good time. So, when you’re able to put on a show…the vibe is already really energetic and kind of a party… I’m just excited to see the show come together. We got a lot of work to do this week. I’m out here all week rehearsing to get ready for Friday night.”

Watch Bryan’s interview on Good Morning America here: