College Freshman Class Chose Bobby's Book For Class Reading

Bobby Bones isn't only a radio host and star on Dancing With The Stars, he is also a New York Times Best Selling Author of two books. His latest book Fail Until You Don't: Fight. Grind. Repeat. came out earlier this year. 

Bones' book has been making people all over inspired, encouraged and excited about tackling new things. Bones shared a post on Instagram feeling totally overwhelmed with happiness because a class of freshman at the University of Tampa in Florida chose to read his book for their studies. Bones writes on Instagram,

"The absolute greatest compliment I can get is that somehow my story has inspired others while they are creating their story. Freaking awesome. This picture made me smile hard. Shoutout to freshman at the University Of Tampa. I hope you guys were able to take something from my latest book. Holy crap. @unioftampa"



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