Eddie Thinks Bobby & Sharna Are Kissing In This Behind-The-Scenes Video

For a couple of months now, Bobby Bones has been saying that he has been dating someone. Everyone on The Bobby Bones Show now knows who it is, but Bones hasn't put the name out of the woman for his listeners. 

He's kept things private as he continues to navigate the dating situation to see if something is going to come of it, or just fizzle out. One huge prospect in a lot of our listeners' minds is his DWTS partner Sharna Burgess. They are together all the time and always seem incredibly flirty. Now, this could just be a consequence of the dancing and close touching, but no one knows for sure. Until possibly now. 

Eddie posted a video online of another DWTS contestant being interviewed with Bones and Burgess in the background. At the end of the video, it looks as if Bones and Burgess kissed. But, it's not for us to decide.  



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